Principal's Message

Dear Pearson Elementary Family,
As the 2022-2023 school year begins, we welcome back our students and staff with open arms.  I am embarking on my 16th year as your campus principal at Pearson Elementary. The staff at Pearson Elementary have missed our students and are eager to continue building a learning environment with student safety and academic excellence in mind.   I would like to reinforce our commitment and dedication to our Pearson Elementary students, staff, and community.  From sanitizing throughout the day to practicing social distancing to meditation practices, we have implemented practices to keep our staff and students safe while receiving the instruction on campus they deserve.  We continue to follow all recommended CDC guidelines during the 2022-2023 school year.  We will be posting important dates on our website as they arise. Rest assure that our primary focus is on student’s physical and emotional well-being and academic success.  Together we can support our students and help close educational gaps.  Our one-to-one technology initiative has placed a device in every student’s hands with the purpose of preparing them for success in the future.   In addition, our teachers will post important information on Google Classroom and Class Dojo. Please stay safe by practicing the 3 W’s: Wash your hands; wear your masks; and watch your distance.
     Pearson Elementary is “Leading the Way. We Are The Place to Be And The Place to Stay!!” Remember to Just Believe!!